Iranian bloggers react to the idea of Ahmadinezhad taking part in UNSC meeting

Mar 19, 2007 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) --

Reformist webloggers inside and outside the country were quick to respond to news that Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinezhad intends to visit New York to defend Iran's "nuclear right" at the Security Council. However, only a few conservative webloggers commented on the issue. On 11 March 07, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman announced that Ahmadinezhad may visit New York in order to participate in the UN Security Council meeting reportedly aimed at discussing the tightening of sanctions on Iran. A number of bloggers interpreted this news to be an attempt by the president to follow the same path as Mohammad Mosaddeq, the former Iranian prime minister who was able to successfully nationalize Iran's oil industry in 1951. The following were some of the comments found from amongst a total of 50 weblogs (25 reformist and 25 conservative), monitored last week by BBC Monitoring.

Hoseyn Mara'shi, a moderate Iranian MP and a member of the Kargozaran Party, wrote in his weblog "Qahvekhane [tea house]" on 13 March: "Finally, the president has realized that the Security Council is an important body and the resolution is not a mere scrap of paper but it can cause problems\? The question is that has he thought about the consequences of such a decision? Or does he intend to do the same as what Mosaddeq did merely because preserving Iran's undeniable right to nuclear energy is as important as the nationalization of its oil industry?... If the president is going to the Security Council to give concessions and soften positions in order to block the ratification of another resolution, then such a move does not befit him and there is no need to withdraw at heavy costs." ( In his weblog "Ayandeh", Abbas Abdi, a leading reformist journalist and one of the students who took part in the 1979 raid on the US Embassy in Tehran, wrote on 12 March: "I don't know why a person who doesn't accept the international system is going there. There can only be one reason and that is to harden stances [against Iran]." ( Reza Ahmadi, a conservative weblogger, wrote in his weblog "Bidari [awakening]" on 14 March: "It's interesting! Until yesterday some in their writings and articles were describing Dr Mosaddeq's presence at The Hague to defend the nationalization of Iran's Oil Industry as a symbol of the defence of the nation's right. Now that Dr Ahmadinezhad intends to use a legal right and all of the available potential to appear before the Security Council and let the world hear the Iranians' shout for justice, Mosaddeq's devotees are describing this as a humiliation for Iran and Iranians." ( Mehdi Mohseni, a 27-year old blogger in Tehran with no particular political persuasion, wrote on 14 March: "Ahmadinezhad wants to go to the Security Council. It seems that he's been tempted to become the second Mosaddeq. Many believe that its better that he doesn't go and predict that his comments and remarks will further unite the world community against Iran." ( In his weblog "Webneveshteha", Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a reformist cleric and a former vice-president, wrote on 12 March: "Under current circumstances that the Security Council is trying to ratify a second resolution against Iran - which will worsen our country's economic situation - we have to use all the means at our disposal to stop the issuance of serial resolutions. The least one can expect from Mr Ahmadinezhad's visit is that it will block the approval of a new resolution against Iran. If this happens, then it will have been a successful visit. ( Mohammad Javad Ruh, a reformist journalist in Tehran who has worked for many reformist dailies, wrote on 12 March: "In this case, great Iranian poet Sa'di's advice is also valid for a madman who is walking towards a well with the intention to throw in a stone which will take 100 wise men to bring out. The difference here is that although they can't see, the blind can hear. But what about madmen? They will not listen to our advice and throw more stones into the well." (

Nikahang Kowsar, A Toronto-based cartoonist who used to work for a number of reformist dailies in Tehran, wrote: "Ahmadinezhad now wants to defend Iran's nuclear right. Is the political polarization the same as the time when Mosaddeq went to defend Iran's oil independence and the Iranian people's right? What does Ahmadinezhad want to achieve with the negative image, which cannot be improved by even loads of make-up, he has created of himself...? I hope that Ahmadinezhad's visit to the UN and his presence at the Security Council doesn't create an adverse atmosphere towards our country. Let's all pray!" ( Kowsar's weblog also included the following caricature depicting the president standing under Mosaddeq's shadow and saying: "Hey Mosaddeq! I'm going to the Security Council to defend Iran's nuclear right! I'll rub your nose in the dirt." Another Toronto-based Iranian journalist, who is currently studying in Washington DC, wrote in his weblog "Haji Washingon" on 11 March: "For God's sake stop Ahmadinezhad from going to the UN Security Council. Involving him in talks which are aimed at tightening sanctions of Iran, will be our biggest political mistake. The West doesn't like this person and his presence will undermine the trend of talks. Look, there is Larijani. Everyone respects him and believes him to be a rational person. Moreover, no one can deal with these people better than Javad Zarif [Iran's UN envoy]. Ahmadinezhad's visit to New York will only be used for domestic consumption. He wants to copy Mosaddeq. Mosaddeq also went to New York but at his own expense and not that of the nation. (

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Source: Iranian briefing material from BBC Monitoring in English 19 Mar 07

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